Customer portfolio


What our clients say?

Ana Iuraşcu, Star Storage Fleet coordinator

"MultiFleet is an application with many reports that helps me a lot in daily work. Thanks to Auto3P employees, all the needs with the car park have been resolved with the utmost promptitude. Not only is the app highly developed, but we also have a very good collaboration. I've always had a best understanding from the company staff. If it was necessary to mount equipment on other machines, because we selling the old ones, things moved very quickly. "

Marin Marian, ELIT Fleet Manager

"I recommend MultiFleet because it covers all the needs of a fleet management. The alert section helps me very much not to forget when the documents of the cars expire. "

Gică Petrișor, Algernon Fleet manager

"When I made the decision to implement this system, everyone was skeptical. However, it has proven to be a tool to improve the company's business. "

Ancuța Viorica, Horeca Expert Fleet manager

The fuel supply are no longer happening at random; now drivers are aware that they are being observed and this is primarily seen in fuel consumption. "

Ionuț Prunoiu, Cerealcom Fleet manager

"We are very pleased. There have never been problems. Everything appeared to have taken immediate action. We have a very good collaboration with the designated persons. The application is detailed and much can be done in the program. Of course I would recommend MultiFleet. "


They trust us

The Auto3P customer portfolio includes hundreds of fleet companies, the most famous car parts suppliers in Romania, as well as nationally known car services. At present, more than 10,000 vehicles are monitored through the MultiFleet platform and their number continues to grow.