Simplify the policy and vehicle damage files management.

Auto3P provides comprehensive insurance software solutions for damage estimation, online purchase of spare parts with price optimization, invoicing pricing, validation of trade agreements, workflow management, statistics and reports.

The online file management solution for insurers, car fleet experts and managers allows continuous communication, file transfer as well as data exchange between the parties involved in the claim process: insurer-agent, car expert, workshops, parts suppliers.

The application simplifies the management of damage files with new and highly effective tools that provide insurers and automotive experts with complete control over repair processes in general and on parts purchase processes in particular.

The costs of claims are considerably reduced by replacing genuine and expensive parts with less expensive but similar quality parts from other sources.

It is a smart policy management tool for calculating premium insurance rates based on customer's traveled distance, time, type of road, individual driving style and other driver information.

Ensure the full process from installing the GPS device until the collection, processing and analysis of the received information in order to adapt the insurance premiums amount to the driving style.

AutoSense FNOL / FEOL

Auto3P provides auto insurers with a solution for the immediate and automatic detection of a real traffic accident and generates an automated damage estimation - AutoSense - FNOL / FEOL.

  • black box installed with GPS equipment;
  • FNOL (First Notice of Loss): notification of a real-time accident event - call center assistance;
  • real auto accident detection alert;
  • reports from the accident site, including photos, directly from the mobile app;
  • FEOL (First Assessment of Loss) for estimating damages costs based on an automatic evaluation;
  • ONE-CLICK estimation tool.
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